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Full Service Landscaping and Outdoor Design Services in Madison, WI

Dreaming of having your own paradise?

Make it happen! Our expert team of design specialists, landscapers, and lawn maintenance will make sure to create the perfect green environment that will more than impress your family, friends, and houseguests. After all, a beautifully manicured garden can instantly earn curb appeal points for a rather cookie-cutter house that won’t merit a second look from passers by. Even office buildings can look more welcoming when it is set against lush greenery, which can make your day at work a little less stressful.

Whether it is your home or commercial property, it will only benefit from our professional services for landscaping, lawn care and irrigation. We specialize in upscale green environment solutions that will not just add to your home’s attractiveness, but will increase its market value as well. We will provide you with a unique outdoor space where elements such as greenscapes, waterscapes and hardscapes will complement one another, which will go beyond expectations. Simply put, allow us to turn your most creative and wildest ideas into a waking reality.

Designing your landscape

It truly does take a village to come up with a beautiful landscape, which is brought together by careful planning and expertise. We at Lawn Care of Madison will help you get there by working with you and taking into consideration your personal preferences that will reflect on your greenspace. As such, our landscape design team who is adept not only in aesthetics but also in horticulture, will craft your outdoor surroundings that will also express your personality thereby, serving as your home extension.

Here are the steps we take in providing you with our landscape design services:

  • Analyzing the space
  • Briefing of concepts on garden and landscape design
  • Presenting a visual moodboard and varying scales of landscape masterplans
  • Finalizing design plans
  • Time to execute and realize your landscape nirvana!

Your outdoor space makeover

We can’t say enough about how a well-curated landscape and tasteful outdoor design can boost your property’s value. With our stunning landscape designs, they will surely transform your basic frontyard or backyard into stunning works of creativity.

To help you in determining what you want your garden design to look like, we will guide you in these following questions:

  • What plants are suitable for my space?
  • What types of shrubs or trees will be practical to place in my landscape?
  • Will I prefer a landscape screening that will bolster the privacy of my space?
  • Will I be willing to perform an aftercare for all the surrounding greenery?

Keep your lawn green at all times

Once you have achieved your dream landscape, it needs diligent aftercare to retain its beauty. But when you have a busy lifestyle, let’s face it, it’s easier said than done. The good news is, you can count on Lawn Care of Madison to do the dirty work for you. We also offer maintenance that ranges from basic lawn mowing to core aerating, mosquito control, snow and ice management, among many other things. All you have to do is call us and await the awesome outcome!

More services from Lawn Care of Madison

We do retaining walls

Retaining walls are beauties with a purpose, they are essential to controlling soil erosion and drainage problems. Not only will they be easy on the eyes, they will also avoid stagnant water collecting in your yard - yikes!

We install pavers and patios

Pavers typically use cobblestones, bricks or concrete but one thing is for sure - you can always call it your own because no two pavers are alike, just like your outdoor space can be as a whole. Your patios on the other hand, can be a relaxing spot where you can enjoy barbecuing or getting warm and toasty by the fire pit.

We put in irrigation systems

Your garden will not be complete without an irrigation system in place. Our skilled lawn experts can provide a sprinkler system that will function for all seasons, designed according to each and every detail of your lawn. Say goodbye to manual hosing forever!

We dethatch lawns

Dead turfgrass tissue is called thatch, which means bad news for your lawn because it prevents nutrients from reaching your grassroots. With dethatching, we keep your grass healthy by using the raking method, which is effective for minor thatch buildup.

We aerate core lawns

When thatch buildup is at its worst, core aeration may be the best solution to employ proper dethatching. With the help of a mechanical device or a core aerator, it can also address issues with soil that is improperly compacted.

We treat weeds

Weed control and prevention begin with a turf inspection. Depending on our assessment, timed treatments will be implemented prior to germination of your new plant seedlings. This way, your lawn will stay beautiful and weed-free.

We clear your lawn of fallen leaves

Fallen leaves are not only unsightly, but they can also be a breeding ground for pests during winter. Lawn Care of Madison will perform a complete clean up to ensure that your yard will always look its best. We also do spring cleaning as well, so that you can dispose of those oversized items that other trash haulers may be unable to accommodate.

Why choose Lawn Care of Madison

There may be several companies that also cater to landscaping and other related services. We are proud to say, however, that what makes us different is the value we put in every customer no matter how simple or extensive their project or transaction will be. Lawn Care of Madison has a highly reliable and professional team that will render you with timely service that will always put your needs and preferences first. We are willing to take on any challenge and at the same time, we are all up for trying something new. In other words, the sky is definitely the limit with your design ideas.

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